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We Service These Areas

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Staff Outdoor Area / Hydrobath Kennel Area Consultation 1 Consultation 2 Lab Room Prep Area Reception Surgery Waiting Room


On the map to the left, please click on any of the highlighted blue rooms for more information about each part of our hospital.


We have off street parking with a grassed area to walk dogs.


Waiting Room

The waiting room is a spacious area with comfortable leather chairs, and a large variety of pet care items and food.  There are also weighing scales and a television.




Our reception area is modern and spacious and our friendly staff are able to help with pet and product advice.

Consultation 1

Our consulting rooms are roomy and hygienic and able to accommodate multiple pets at once.

Consultation 2

Both consult rooms have full length windows which gives an airy feeling and helps relax nervous pets.

Lab Room

We have a fitted lab to enable us to analyse bloods.  We are equipped with full biochemistry and complete blood count analysers.  Most blood results can be completed within 40 minutes.


This is our main sterile theatre.  It has an hydraulic stainless steel surgery table with a heated padded cushion.  It has a separate anaesthetic machine and  special theatre light.



Prep Area

This area is used for non-sterile and wet procedures (dental work).  It has a stainless steel table and is connected to hot water.  This area is also used to take x-rays.  An anaesthetic machine is also in this area so 2 anaesthetic procedures can be performed at the same time.   A wide screen monitor attached to the wall allows us to constantly supervise any pets in other areas of the hospital.

Laundry & X Ray


Kennel Area

Our cages are custom made from stainless steel suitable for all dogs up to Great Dane size.  The cages are lined with heavy duty rubber matting with a blanket on top for their comfort. It also has a separate climate control system and numerous cameras for constant monitoring of pets.

Outdoor Area / Hydrobath

There are two large lockable kennels able to accommodate the largest of dogs.  We also have an outdoor setting for staff to have lunch or for clients to relax while waiting for their dog to be hydrobathed.  The exercise area is fully fenced and grassed.